Exotic Boarding

MVPL knows that family members come in all shapes and sizes. We are proud to offer exotic boarding to provide you with the security in knowing all your pets are cared for during your time away. At this time cages do need to be provided for most exotic guests.

Exotic guests enjoy a quiet, sunny loft away from our canine and feline guests. Feeding based on your pet’s individual needs and schedule, water refreshed multiple times per day, daily cleaning and room service if needed. Handling and socialization times available by your request.

At this time, we are unable to accommodate large macaws and cockatoos as well as large reptiles.

$25.00 per night

Medications and Special Needs

Does your pet need medication during their stay? Our staff is trained to administer pills, powders, liquids and injections based on your pets needs and veterinarian’s recommendations. Pets with mobility issues, wheelchairs, prosthetics or who have special feeding accommodations are always welcome and given the time they need to adjust and be cared for appropriately.

All medications are required to be brought to the facility in their original prescription bottle. For your pet’s safety please do not include any medications in pill pockets or food bags. Pricing is all inclusive for medications.

Additional $10.00 per night


At this time we require our exotic guests to provide their own food during their stays. For our lodgers who require live insects or other quickly expired food, we are happy to provide local food pick up to be billed to your reservation at the time of your pets departure.