Special needs dog and cat boarding is nothing to take lightly. The patience and care it takes is something only you and a highly trained facility can understand. Educated and well trained staff is an essential aspect of taking care of special needs or geriatric pets. Here at MVPL, we have a licensed veterinary technician and fully trained staff to ensure your special needs or geriatric pet is getting the appropriate care and love they so rightly deserve. Special needs boarding takes patience and understanding. It takes education and training. It takes extra time and concern. You cannot rush, you cannot hurry these special animals. They deserve respect, understanding and love. At MVPL you will have peace of mind as these are put to use every day. Peace of mind for you and care and comfort for your pet are our main goals. MVPL specializes in special need and geriatric boarding for this exact reason. When looking for specialized boarding, look no further. Here are just a few of the special needs we are happy to help with everyday…

  • Geriatric
  • Organ failure
  • Animals that cannot walk
  • Diabetic
  • Hearing loss
  • Wheel chairs
  • Epileptic
  • Blind
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Thyroid
  • Mega-esophagus
  • Food aggression
  • Food allergies
  • Arthritis
  • Social anxiety

All of our special needs guests are required to have the following unless a letter from their veterinarian is attached stating why the animal cannot be vaccinated or have flea/tick preventative:

    • Rabies
    • Distemper
    • Bordetella
    • Flea/tick preventative April – October
    • A letter of boarding consent from the veterinarian stating the animal is healthy enough to board.

All vaccines have to be given by a DVM we do not except vaccines that are not administered by a Veterinarian.

Holiday boarding reservations require a 20% down deposit at the time the reservation is made. If you need to cancel your boarding stay, please give notice of cancellation seven (7) days prior to your day of drop off. We can refund your deposit or use as a credit for another stay.

Dog Boarding

Special needs: $50.00
Suites: $55.00

Cat Boarding

Special needs: $30.00


Discount for 2nd dog sharing same kennel
Senior/Military discount: 10% off

For more information or if you have detailed questions regarding you special needs boarding for you pet, please call 505-998- 1494.