Standard Rooms

All amenities and play times included, feeding based on your pet’s individual needs and schedule, water refreshed multiple times per day, daily cleaning and room service if needed, elevated Kuranda bed provided. 25 ft² and 9 ft² rooms available. Adjoining rooms available for multiple pets to enjoy time together and have some privacy.
$45.00 per night

Pets in the same family are welcome to share a room at a discounted rate
$40.00 per night for the 2nd dog
$35.00 per night for the 3rd dog


All the hospitality and care as our standard rooms in a spacious, quieter area of the facility. Full high-density polyethylene panels with opaque siding to offer your pet privacy during their stay. 31 ft², 40 ft² and 73 ft² rooms available to accommodate pets of all sizes.
$60.00 per night

Pets in the same family are welcome to share a room at a discounted rate
$55.00 per night for the 2nd dog
$50.00 per night for the 3rd dog


All vaccinations must be administered by a Veterinarian. We do not except vaccines that were purchased over the counter and administered at home. In event of emergency, vaccines can be provided by Zia Pet Hospital on a case by case basis. For our guests who are unable to receive vaccines due to allergic reactions, immunocompromised or other illness a letter from their primary veterinarian must be submitted annually.

Vaccinations required for canine guests
o Rabies,
o DA2PP (Distemper/Parvo)
o Bordatella
o CIV (Canine Influenza Vaccine) is recommended but not required.

Between the months of between the months of April and October, our canine and feline lodgers are required to have a veterinary prescribed flea and tick preventative. Please note that we do not accept any flea collars, Hartz brand or over the counter products. Accepted forms of proof for flea and tick administration and invoice from DVM office of purchase or online pharmacy or the box of flea/tick prevention with prescription label in pet’s name. Please see the list below for accepted preventative options.

Accepted forms of flea and tick prevention for our canine guests
o Bravecto
o Credelio
o Frontline Plus
o K9 Advantix
o Nexgard
o Revolution
o Sentinel
o Simparica and Simparica Trio
o Trifexis

Medications and Special Needs

Does your pet need medication during their stay? Our staff is trained to administer pills, powders, liquids and injections based on your pets needs and veterinarian’s recommendations. Pets with mobility issues, wheelchairs, prosthetics or who have special feeding accommodations are always welcome and given the time they need to adjust and be cared for appropriately.

All medications are required to be brought to the facility in their original prescription bottle. For your pet’s safety please do not include any medications in pill pockets or food bags. Pricing is all inclusive for medications.

Additional $10.00 per night


We always recommend you provide your pets personal diet during their stay. This will provide their GI system with a sense of normalcy and reduce the chances of any dietary change related issues. Our facility is equipped to provide and store your pet’s food whether its dry kibble, dehydrated, canned or raw. You are welcome to provide any additional treats or goodies you would like your pet to receive during their stay. For ease of storage we do ask that you proportion your pet’s meals in individual bags. Please remember do not place any of your pet’s medications in their food bags.

We are happy to provide our in house diet of Royal Canin Gastrointestinal if needed at an additional $5.00 per night.