When you come to Monte Vista Pet Lodge for cat boarding you’re not just paying for shelter, companionship and playtime, you’re paying for peace of mind! Whether your cat is perfectly healthy, or has medical or behavIioral special needs, our cat boarding staff is well trained and lead by our own personal Registered Veterinary Technician. With over 15 years of veterinary experience, our RVT keeps a close eye on the overall health of your cat while in our care. Physically and mentally!

To ensure the safety of your furry family member, all cats are required to have Rabies and Feline distemper. We do not require a “Meet and Greet” for our feline lodgers since cats do not socialize in groups as the dogs do. This also keeps our feline friends from having to be needlessly stressed.

We will happily feed our house food of Royal Canin Low Fat GI, but to keep tummy’s happy, we prefer you bring your cat’s personal food since it is better for them. All we ask is that you pre-baggie your cat’s food into individual meal portions for breakfast and dinner (please keep canned food canned). Boarding in general can be stressful and if you add a diet change on top of that, you are sure to have diarrhea; and who wants that? Certainly not your pet!

We also welcome a blanket or bed from home so the smells of family are still with your cat while you are gone. We try to help by providing Feliway, a stress reducing pheromone, in our cat room. This really helps your cat adjust to its new surroundings quicker and easier!

The prices for our cat boarding are all inclusive! This includes the kennel or “kitty condo”, raised bedding, twice a day feedings, water all day, bedtime treat, medication administration if needed, a.m. and p.m. wellness checks, rotated play time outside the kennel every 30-60 minutes, as needed housekeeping, periodic massage, cuddle time and love throughout their stay.

We encourage you to call to schedule a tour of the facility and to meet our wonderful, animal loving staff.

All vaccines have to be given by a DVM we do not except vaccines that are not administered by a Veterinarian.

Holiday boarding reservations require a 20% down deposit at the time the reservation is made. If you need to cancel your boarding stay, please give notice of cancellation seven (7) days prior to your day of drop off. We can refund your deposit or use as a credit for another stay.


Well cats: $20.00
Special needs: $30.00


Multi-Animal discount
Senior/Military discount: 10% off